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July's Upcycle Week: T-shirts seems like most of us have t-shirts overflowing. We receive shirts for free when we volunteer for events, sign up for activities, and even sports team shoot them out of cannons like confetti. Just in recent months, my son caught a shirt at a baseball game, I was handed a shirt just for signing up for a drawing, and when we entered into a 5k... we got a shirt! But there comes a time when we just too many of t-shirts, so many that we don't even have time to wear them.

Instead of throwing them away or sending them to the pile of t-shirts at a consignment store, let's create something new! On my Facebook page yesterday, I posted how you can make t-shirt yarn and a macramé flower pot holder out of the body of a t-shirt, just click the 'f' at the top of the page to check that out. Today, we are going to use the sleeves of the t-shirt to make pouches.

Pouches are great to all those little thing we carry around: ear bud, coins, small toys, personal items...

So let's get started!

First, gather the supplies you will need:

  • T-shirt

  • T-shirt yarn

  • needle & thread or sewing machine

  • scissors or rotary blade

  • straight edge for cutting

  • small safety pin

We are just using the sleeves for this craft, so cut those sleeves off! I used my straight edge and rotary blade for my cuts, but you could also use scissors and just cut along the seam of the sleeve.

Now that you have just the sleeve, figure out the shape for the pouch. I created a simple square by cutting off the shoulder and armpit parts of the sleeve. Two of your four sides are already done for you. Side 1 is the folded edge of the sleeve and Side 2 is the opening of the sleeve and will be the top of the pouch. Make two cuts.

Congrats, you have a square! Rotate your sleeve so the opening of your pouch is at the top (hemmed part). Turn the sleeve inside out so you can see the seam and grab your sewing machine or sewing kit and sew up the two cut sides of your square. Start at the pre-made seam and sew to around the edge to the opposite, when you get the the corners you can round it or made a prominent corner. DO NOT sew above the hemmed seam. I used a contrasting thread color to show where to make your stitch.

Almost done! Turn the now completed pouch right side out. Cut a 20 inch piece of t-shirt yarn and attach the safety pin to one end. Feed the yarn through the opening at the seam (yellow arrow). Use your fingers and move the safety pin through the fabric until it comes out the other end of the hole. Add a knot to combine the two ends of the yarn. And you are finished!

You have completed a t-shirt sleeve pouch. This is a super easy and quick craft.

Some notes:

- The bigger the shirt, the bigger the sleeve... means a bigger pouch.

- This would also work with the bottom seam of a shirt.

Hope you enjoyed this craft. Happy Creating!


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